Why Design Your Own Website?

15 years ago, your spouse gifted you with a semi-professional DSLR camera for your birthday to update your treasured Canon 5D from the high definition era. Your passion for taking black-and-white family and pet photos began to grow into many practicing hours outdoors.

You started to take long walks around Christmas time to shoot photos of the lights with your bulb mode set. In springtime, you invested in an Omni-shield hiking shirt to go on an adventure on the local hiking trail. Wildflowers, hills, tons of colors, and different light conditions dizzy your lens to shoot hundreds of nature photos. Gravity begins to take a toll on your legs but you just keep walking.

One day, after many years of creative collecting, you have that eureka moment! Your photo library needs to be published on the internet for the world to admire! So, you need a website to show off your professional talents. Why not do it yourself!

At first, you thought about hiring a professional website design group. You soon discovered this route would cost several thousands of dollars. Most likely the design company would need to be contacted every time you wanted to make changes or additions.

Then another one of those eureka moments happened. Why not have fun with one of those do-it-yourself website platforms! But you need one that is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized and offers sophisticated and professional themes.

Let me tell you that you're going to find the creative process of website design addicting. Picking out your theme, getting that perfectly good looking layout, is worth a thousand words. You will want to write your heart out for great content. You discover how different color schemes and fonts complement each other and what kind of layout highlights your photographic style.

So, after all these years of professional picture taking, you discover your passion for learning new things continues, as you now have a professional website where the world can appreciate your beautiful photo works of art!

Check out hello. website, the most user-friendly DYI platform in the Universe, when you're ready to tell your story!